Forest Department, Registration of Trees under Joteland

Service Details are:

Service is defined by the - LINE DEPARTMENT - Revenue Department

The Beneficiary of this service will be Citizen ( G2C )

Types of Service:
(Regulatory Services are those which can be denied by the government)

Do applicant(s) need to register to avail this service?
The URL at which more information about service are available :
No of Days within which service will be delivered after application submission?
60           Day

Note: The time period given is excluding the Government holiday list

Who can apply for this Service?

The Application can be submitted by the following:

The following eligibilty criteria also to be fulfilled:
Entitlement Type Values
Economic Status BPL
Economic Status APL
Gender Male
Gender Female
Gender Transgender
Qualification Illiterate
Qualification Literate (Without Educational Level)
Religion Hinduism
Religion Islam
Religion Christianity
Religion Sikhism
Religion Buddhism
Religion Jainism
Religion Others
Relation with Guardian Spouse
Relation with Guardian Father
Relation with Guardian Mother
Relation with Guardian Son
Relation with Guardian Daughter
Relation with Guardian Brother
Relation with Guardian Sister
Relation with Guardian Father-In-Law
Relation with Guardian Mother-In-Law
Relation with Guardian Brother-In-Law
Relation with Guardian Sister-In-Law
Relation with Guardian Nephew
Relation with Guardian Niece
Relation with Guardian Grandson
Relation with Guardian GrandDaughter
Relation with Guardian Grandfather
Relation with Guardian Grandmother
Relation with Guardian Daughter-In-Law
Applicants Salutation Mr.
Applicants Salutation Mrs.
Applicants Salutation Ms.
Applicants Salutation CA
Applicants Salutation Er.
Applicants Salutation Dr.
Applicants Salutation Prof.
Guardians Salutation Mr.
Guardians Salutation Mrs.
Guardians Salutation Ms.
Guardians Salutation Er.
Guardians Salutation CA
Guardians Salutation Dr.
Guardians Salutation Prof.
Guardians Salutation Late
Qualification Primary Schooling (I - V)
Qualification Secondary Schooling (VI - VIII)
Qualification Senior Secondary Schooling (IX - X)
Qualification Higher Seconday Schooling (XI - XII)
Qualification Diploma or Equivalent
Qualification Graduation or Equivalent
Qualification Post-Graduation or Equivalent
Qualification Doctoral or Equivalent
Qualification Post-Doctoral or Equivalent
Qualification Others
Applicant Marital Status Single
Applicant Marital Status Married
Applicant Marital Status Divorced
Applicant Marital Status Widow/ Widower
Applicants Caste SC
Applicants Caste ST
Applicants Caste Others
Applicants Caste OBC
Relation with Guardian Son-In-Law

How to submit application and Enclosure Details?

  The Application can be submitted by the following:
By Hand

Following Documents are required along with the application form

Enclosure Type
Type Of Enclosure Original / Photocopy Attestation Required Documents Recommended
Identity Proof Photocopy Not Required Driving Licence    PAN Card    Voting Card    AADHAAR Card   
Land Khatian Photocopy Not Required Khatian   
Land Map Photocopy Not Required Land Map   
Power of Attorney Photocopy Not Required Power of Attorney    Proof of No objection   
Common Application Form Photocopy Not Required Common Application Form   
Other Original Not Required Other   

What will Applicant get as Service Deliverable?

  The applicant will receive Output Certificate/Report as the service deliverable(s).